Black Mulch

The disadvantage of natural mulch is that it loses its color over time. What starts out as a natural brown color eventually dulls out into a grayish color, or lack thereof. Homeowners, property owners, and property managers who prefer a vibrant landscape opt for colored mulch, and black mulch is among the most popular of the colored options.
Black mulch is natural mulch which has simply been dyed. Thus, it offers the same benefits of natural mulch with a boosted aesthetic appeal. So, the mulch will still help the soil retain moisture, suffocate weed growth, protect the soil from extreme temperatures, and provide the soil with valuable nutrients.
The edge with black mulch is its color, which offers a great contrast against green foliage, brown trunks, and colored flowers. Granted, its detractors criticize black mulch as unnatural. Still, proponents who enjoy a vibrant landscape appreciate black mulch’s ability to make colorful and healthy plants pop. Plus, the mulch itself is not going to draw attention as much as it will help the plants and flowers draw attention.

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