Wood Recycling

Whether you are undertaking a demolition, construction, renovation, or landscaping project, you are likely going to end up with a hefty amount of wood “waste.” We put waste in quotation marks because wood is not necessarily waste, but many people try to dispose of it as if it is waste. Unless your wood waste is a tiny batch, the local waste collectors will likely not pick it up. Instead, you will have to find a wood recycling company. If you are looking for wood recycling in Atlanta, then you are at the right place. Mulch-It is proud to offer wood recycling services in all of Atlanta.

Disposing of Wood Waste

If you are planning on bringing down a house or clearing some trees to make room for a new house, then you have got to prepare for the resulting debris. A significant amount of the leftovers from a demolition will be metals that you are likely going to recycle, but why not recycle the ample amount of wood “waste” as well?
Tossing the wood waste on the curbside and expecting the waste collectors to pick it up might end up in disappointment. The local waste collectors will not take it. You might be able to drop that waste off at a specific location, but why deal with all of that? That option is especially infeasible if you do not have large vehicles for the job.
Skip the trouble and headache and call Mulch-It instead. Our courteous representatives are on standby to take your call and schedule a pickup. We can have a professional crew out to your location to break down that wood waste and have it off of your property as soon as possible. Get rid of that wood waste and make space on your property by calling Mulch-It today.

Recycle Your Wood “Waste”

Wood is an incredibly valuable resource. If you recycle your plastics, metals, and papers, then why not recycle wood as well? Wood that cannot be reused can be recycled to make mulch, wood chippings, compost, sawdust, and more. There are hundreds of uses for recycled wood and you would be doing a great justice for the environment, and even the economy, by jumping on the wood recycling train.

Recycling wood can even be easier than recycling other materials. When you call Mulch-It for your wood recycling in Atlanta, you will be connected with an engaging and helpful representative who will walk you through the steps. They will schedule an appointment and have a crew sent to your location as soon as possible. You will not have to pick anything up. We will do the heavy work. Sit back and watch the space on your property free up!

We Serve All Areas of Atlanta

It does not matter whether you are a farmer, corporation, or local government. Mulch-It is proud to serve all areas of Atlanta. If you have been searching the web for “wood recycling near me,” then look no further. Grab the phone and call Mulch-It to put that wood waste to good use!

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