All-Natural Mulch

At Mulch-It, we pride ourselves in our variety of mulch options for our clients. Among the wide selection of choices, many of our customers prefer all-natural mulch. This is mulch without any additives, especially coloring.
Natural mulch includes pine straw, bark, woodchips, or even hay. Our natural wood mulch is a great option for property owners and property managers who want to keep the landscape looking authentic. Of course, the natural organic mulch also provides the many valuable benefits that are good for the soil and plants.
This mulch will protect your soil from the sun’s heat as well as freezing temperatures. In addition to maintaining stable soil temperatures, the natural mulch will help retain soil moisture to save you on water bills and reduce watering needs. Natural mulch will also smother invasive weeds, preventing them from getting the sunlight, water, and air they need to grow. The weeds that do grow will be easy to pull as their roots will be shallow.
Among the most valuable advantages of natural mulch is the nutrient benefit for the soil. Natural mulch decomposes, releasing nitrogen and other nutrients into the soil. Earth worms also thrive in such soil.

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