Playground Natural Chips

Picture two playgrounds. Both playgrounds have the same facilities. One of them is infested with weeds and hard ground. The other is covered with natural chips, maybe even colored chips. You are more likely going to choose the second playground for your children to play at.

Playground natural chips keep the playground looking like a place to play. If you want to keep your playground neat and orderly, then applying playground mulch or natural chips is one way to go. Adding a layer of playground natural chips will keep weeds from germinating and growing. It will also add some color to the area.

More importantly, playground natural chips provide safety. Kids are going to be excited when they head out to the playground and falls are the main cause of playground injuries. Adding a layer of mulch or playground natural chips will buffer their falls and reduce the risk of injuries calling for medical care. This is good for the kids as well as the owner of the playground. The last thing you want is to get into legal troubles because a child was hurt on your playground.

While shredded rubber is also an option for playgrounds, they can contain synthetic and toxic chemicals which can pose health risks for young children whose systems are still developing. They can also leach color, potentially leaving marks on children’s clothing after a day at the playground. Why deal with such troubles when you can go with natural and safe playground chips instead? Mulch-It is proud to supply many playgrounds with natural chips. Call now or visit our location to see our product today.

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