Commercial Mulch Application in The Metro Atlanta

If you have a business or commercial property, then you should know that presentation matters. The landscape and external features of your property create the first impression, and this impression should be a good one if you want to influence clients. However, landscaping and lawncare can be extensive with all of the watering, fertilizing, weed control, erosion control, and so forth. What if there was a way to minimize the need for all of that maintenance? Well, there is, and Mulch-It has you covered. Commercial mulch application can reduce maintenance requirements and add a touch of color to your property.

What Is Mulching?

Mulching is, in its most basic sense, adding a layer of material to cover a section of soil. This material can be inorganic, such as shredded tires or gravel, or it can be organic, such as wood chips and shredded bark. As you can guess, there are many types of mulch, and Mulch-It is proud to have a healthy selection of options for our clients in the Atlanta area. Come visit our location to take a look for yourself or give us a call to ask about specific types over the phone.

Benefits of Mulch

Why cover the soil anyway? Doesn’t the soil need aeration and watering? These are valid questions because the benefits of mulch can be quite counter-intuitive. Adding a layer of mulch can actually provide better aeration and maintain moisture levels. Here’s how.

  • Mulch creates a visual barrier to keep heavy traffic away from the target area and prevent soil compaction. This visual barrier even acts as a guide to keep maintenance equipment away from roots and trunks. 
  • The mulch also softens the impact of evaporation; it improves soil moisture retention and reduces the need for frequent watering. While mulch keeps soil moisture in, it also keeps external elements out. Mulch protects against extreme fluctuating temperatures, high winds, and heavy rains.
  • Mulch even helps with weed control as it suppresses weed growth and makes weeds easier to spot. If you opt for organic mulch, you will benefit even as the mulch expires. When organic mulch decays, it produces nutrients for the soil. 
  • Finally, fresh mulch can add color as well as a refreshing scent to worn properties. In short, mulch is both art and science, adding practical as well as aesthetic value to your property.

We Offer Mulch Application

You already know Mulch-It is your local supplier for a variety of quality mulch, and now you know that we offer commercial mulch application as well. If you are ready to invest in your property and enjoy the benefits of mulch, then call Mulch-It to speak with a courteous representative. We are happy to review our types of mulch, help you create a mulching plan, and apply the mulch safely and quickly. 
You are also welcomed to visit our site to get a hands-on understanding of the quality of our mulch. Come feel and smell the mulch so that you are assured you are getting top quality products. We are always happy to help.

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