Drop off Services

At MULCH-IT we offer convenient green waste and organic debris drop off services. If you are looking for a recycling site to unload trees, limbs, or stumps, we’ll recycle them for a small fee.

We accept the following organic materials.

  • Trees
  • Stumps
  • Limbs
  • Logs



Debris Drop Off Pricing



Load Sizes Up To Fee
5 Cubic Yards or Less $25
6 - 10 Cubic Yards $50
15 Cubic Yards $75
20 Cubic Yards $100
30 Cubic Yards $125
40 - 50 Cubic Yards $225
Chips Per Load (Clean - no branches, logs, stumps etc) No Charge
Fresh Clean Logs Cut to Size Call for Pricing
Additional Charges Fee
Dirt and Garbage
Additional charge, per load
Additional charge, per load


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