Homeowners’ Associations

The homeowners’ association (HOA) exists for a particular reason, and that is maintain a consistent and good-looking community in order to preserve the value of the properties. They seem to be achieving that goal as a recent study in the Journal of Urban Economics found that houses in HOAs have prices that are on average at least 4%, or $13,500, greater than observably similar houses outside of HOAs. It should come as no surprise that nearly 60 percent of recently built single-family houses are part of a HOA.
In addition to enforcing rules and regulations on how homeowners must and may conduct their use of their property, HOAs collect fees which are used for the upkeep and maintenance of common grounds such as the roads, pools, and parks as well as shared services. Mulch is an important line item in HOAs’ bills.
Most HOAs are particular about the appearance of the shared grounds and, by extension, the type of the mulch to be used. Our HOA clients choose Mulch-It because we provide a variety of options, quality options at competitive prices. We also sell mulch in bulk and have a large supply, enough to meet the demands of even some of the largest sites.

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