When most people think of mulch, they think gardens or trees. It’s a valid thought too. Most of mulch is used to protect soil, smother weeds, provide nutrients to the soil, and so on. The benefits of mulch are not limited to gardening and landscaping, however. Mulch is also great for playground areas. In fact, this is where a marvelous part of recycling takes place.
While organic mulch such as woodchips and bark are great for landscaping and gardening, playground mulch makes use of inorganic mulch such as rubber. While woodchips can cause splinters, rubber mulch gives children a soft landing spot to stave off injuries. In fact, this safety is an important criterion when designing and putting up playgrounds.
Rubber mulch is usually recycled from old tires and scrap left after a retreading, meaning playground mulch provides safety for kids and is good for the environment! 

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