Residential Homes

When you buy a home, you are making possibly the biggest single investment of your lifetime. This is why pre-purchase inspections are so important. You make sure the plumbing system is functional, there is no termite damage, the electrical system is reliable, the foundation is sturdy, and so forth. Diligence does not and should not end after the contract of sale is signed, though.
If you want to maintain, or even improve the value of your property, you cannot depend on the power of inflation alone. You must take great care of your residential property and even make upgrades. One of the most effective ways to rally the value of your home is by investing in great curb appeal. Lawn care is a must when it comes to curb appeal and mulch plays a huge role.
For one, mulch can add color to your yard and complement the exterior of your home. Organic mulch colors come in a wide variety from amber and red to brown and black. Inorganic mulch offers an even larger selection of colors. In addition to color, mulch offers design and order. Lay mulch to clearly mark garden beds. This organizes the area into section but also acts as a buffer to keep lawncare equipment and machines from damaging tree roots, tree trunk, and other plants.
The protective properties of mulch go deeper. Mulch keeps soil insulated from extreme temperatures and retains soil moisture. If you opt for organic mulch, your soil will enjoy added nutrients as the organic mulch decomposes. You won’t have to worry about weeds, either, as the mulch smothers weeds before they can grow. The ones that do grow will have shallow roots and will be easy to pull out.

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