Schools are meant to teach kids about a range of subjects, but the atmosphere matters. Clean, organized, and beautiful landscapes do have benefits for students’ ability to focus and pay attention. In the same way that mulch can help beautify lots for shopping centers, restaurants, and residential sites, it can also beautify schoolyards. A well-groomed and orderly landscape gives parents a peace of mind as well, knowing that the school administrators value order and tidiness.
The beautification of the property is not the only reason schools come to Mulch-It for mulch though. Possibly the most common location for which schools invest in mulch is the playground. Many local regulations and even common sensibility call for playgrounds to be safe for kids. To this end, rubber mulch plays a huge role by softening the playground area with shock absorbency. Keep the kids safe and beautify the school property with quality mulch from Mulch-It.

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