Shopping Centers

You might not actively stop to appreciate it, but quality shopping centers have marvelous landscapes and storefronts for their customers. There are colorful flowers, decorative plants, and vibrant shrubs and trees. If you pay close attention, you will notice the beds holding these green fixtures is filled with a variety of materials – mulch, in fact.
The beds with different types and colors of mulch are aesthetically pleasing, but the benefit of mulch does not end there. It also acts as a subconscious barrier to keep patrons off of the area. Mulch does not only keep patrons away from the fragile plants and flowers. It also smothers invasive weeds that not only ruin the appearance of your lot but also steal valuable nutrients away from the plants, flowers, and shrubs that need them.
You can get the aforementioned benefits with inorganic mulch such as stone, gravel, and rubber, but organic mulch offers even more benefits. As organic mulch such as woodchips and bark decompose, they break down into nitrogen and nutrients for the soil. Organic mulch also encourages earthworms, which are also great for soil. However, organic mulch must be regularly restored while inorganic mulch requires less maintenance. Still, a combination of the two are popular among our clients who work with shopping centers.

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